Monday, July 7, 2008

Gay Syria

Damascus (Dimashq)

Damascus is believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. It’s a beautiful city, with a lot to see. Personally, I keep wonder when did the first gay sexual experience take place in Damascus, & where.

Places to HUNT:
You could almost pick up guys everywhere; you just need to have a good gaydar. Anyway, here is a list of the most popular places in Damascus:
Shaalan Street
Hamra Street
Sebki Park
Monchieh Park; a small park behind the Four Seasons Hotel
Marjeh Square
Bab Toma (Thomas’ Gate)
Qassa’a Street
In front of Cham Palace Hotel
Places to have FUN:
There are four hammams in Damascus where you could play safely, but please always be careful.
Hammam Al-Jadeed, near Bab al-Jabieh, close to Souk Al-Hamidieh
Hammam Al-Kiemarieh, in the Old City
Hammam Al-Khanji
Hammam Amouneh
Places to go:
Aroma Café
Karnak Bar (Marjeh Sq)
Sheraton Hotel Pub
Massimo Pub, Cham Palace Hotel
Almost all the restaurants/coffee shops in Bab Toma are gay friendly
Madinat Al-Shabab (Youth City) swimming pool

Aleppo (Halab)

Places to CRUISE
Public Park Aleppo
Saadallah Square
Al-Shallalat Area
Dome Cafe (Coffee Shop near the Train Station)
Al-Mut'haf (The Museum) Park
Places to HAVE FUN
Al-Naeem Hammam (Turkish Bath)
Salheen Hammam (Turkish Bath)
Ghornata "Granada" Hammam
Places to meet/to go
Dome Cafe
Arica Cafe
Coffee shops in front of the castle


The beach would be a nice place to start. You could always check in Safwan Hotel, the most famous gay friendly hotel in the region.

Always remember; Parks are good to start your cruising experience in Syria, wherever you are; in any city. 30 minutes before sunset is always a good time to start cruising

Have a gay trip.



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Mazaj.I have been desperately searching for gay addresses until I found it.I will subscribe to your blog.I have heard that you can not undress or jerk in Syrian baths,otherwise you`ll be arrested.Is that true?.Thanks so much again.

Anonymous said...

I always had marvelous experiences in Syria. The males are simply magnificent. And the people very friendly

Anonymous said...

this is great man.
thanks !!

Anonymous said...

I think one should go to Syria with an open mind and in the end will naturally discover whatever he or she is looking for. I don´t find this fragmentation of cities into gay and non-gay areas representative of their essence and flavor, and I hope everyone who goes there enjoys the whole of it instead of looking for something in particular, sounds disturbingly like "sexual tourism".

Mazaj said...

I agree... but as gay people we can't help but being curious about gay life & sexual activities in places we visit...

rahul said...

Hi .. Im a British Indian guy... and am totally crazy about Syrian men .. they are so beautiful.. they drive me crazy . .everytime i see a syrian man.... i want to bed them..

im planning a trip to syria soon..with my syrian ex boyfriend.. we are platonic now.. but i wish to cruise out there... i am obsessed with syrian men.... they are the most beautiful creatures according to me...

Guys when I come there I would be staying in damascus... do you think it would be easy to score with a few syrian hotties ?

or do they not like light brown skinned indian men like me ?

my ex seems to like me but he tells me that most gay syrian men like white skin .. is that true ?

John said...

hi, i'm a friend of Michael Luongos, will be coming to Damas soon, in about 10 days ISA, hope to meet you. check out and in the meantime. any chance of having a similar gathering in syria or LB? John

Mazaj said...

Hi John...
I hope you will follow up your comment... Email me ... SO much to talk about... I'm waiting... Mido

Anonymous said...

hello mazaj,i was just looking for any information about suriye,
we three turkish gay friends who lives in england and will be traveling in may to suriye..
i was just wondering,wher to stay in domascous?
and most resant gay placess!!!
thans very much for your help....