Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gay Syria (Update)

Best Times To Visit

If you're looking for lots of gay activities, try to avoid coming in December and January; the only good activities that take place during those months are the New Year's Eve parties.

March and April are the best months to visit if you like to avoid the hot summers in Syria.

Check for Ramadan before you come, it is always a slow month.

GAy Syria

Damascus (Dimashq)

Cruising Areas

Monchieh Park; a small park behind the Four Seasons Hotel


Sebki Park

Marjeh Square

Bab Toma

Qassa’a Street

In front of Cham Palace Hotel

Gay Hammams In Damascus

Hammam Al-Jadeed, near Bab al-Jabieh, close to Souk Al-Hamidieh

Hammam Jaramana

Hammam Al-Khanji (Thawra Street)

(Ammouneh & Kaimarieh are closed now)

Places to go

Ali Pasha Coffee Shop (Marjeh Sq.)

Zahrat Demashq Coffee Shop (Marjeh Square)

Karnak Bar (Marjeh Sq)

Sheraton Hotel Pub

Massimo Pub, Cham Palace Hotel

In-House Coffee Shops

Almost all the restaurants/coffee shops in Bab Toma

Madinat Al-Shabab (Youth City) swimming pool

Aleppo (Halab)

Cruising Areas

Public Park Aleppo

Saadallah Square

Al-Shallalat Area

Al-Mut’haf (The Museum) Park

Gay Hammams in Aleppo:

Al-Naeem Hammam (Turkish Bath) (You could hook up there)

Ghornata “Granada” Hammam (You need to have your "date" with you)

Places to go:

Arica Cafe

Coffee shops in front of the castle

In-House Coffee Shops

(Dome Café is closed now)


The beach would be a nice place to start. You could always check in Safwan Hotel, the most famous gay friendly hotel in the region.

Always remember; Parks are good to start your cruising experience in Syria, wherever you are; in any city.

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